About Us

Buckles & Belts was founded in Switzerland in 2006 and has since opened stores in Germany, Netherlands, Russia and now The United Arab Emirates. The philosophy is simple. Custom fitted Italian leather, absolute best materials, your style, your belt. We create amazing buckle and belt combinations, custom fit, on location, in under ten minutes. We use only the finest Italian leather. Why Italian leather? Because Italian leather is the finest quality leather in the world. Why is Italian leather the finest quality leather in the world? It’s the best because it’s handcrafted, with the highest quality materials. We have over 170 different styles of buckles. Yep 170! Starting at a classic and discreet business buckle and finishing with a fully encrusted swarovski crystal masterpiece, we have everything. Rhinos, snakes, Jaguars and real silver, how could you go wrong?

Our Story

Back in 2008 the founder of Buckles & Belts UAE, Marco was invited to an all white party. Marco took it upon himself to make everything white. Marco searched high and Marco searched low, but he could not find a white belt anywhere. Marco spotted a hole in the market and stuck the idea in the back of his head. In 2012 when Marco was holidaying in Switzerland he came upon an exclusive, high end Buckles & Belts store who specialised in, you guessed it: only buckles & belts. Fast forward to 2014 and Buckles & Belts was born in the UAE. Now being transformed into a worldwide online store, with so many style opportunities. Our unique double button fastening system allows fashion lovers to mix and match their buckles & belts so they have the right combination for every occasion.

Each piece is unique, no two items are the same and they’re built to last...

The next chapter of our story involves you. You get to decide exactly what your buckle & belt combination looks and feels like. Your style, your belt.

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