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By Sam Noon

Embodying the essence of a true artisan, Buckles and Belts know the measure of quality. In our ever-growing modern society it can be hard to find beautifully crafted pieces that we romanticize with from years ago, when leathercraft was an everyday trade. Many of us may find ourselves in search of pieces made with time and energy, using the tools of love and craftsmanship that offer us a greater emotional connection. Something that has been lost in the years of progress and technology advancement, paired with an insatiable and instantaneous mindset that makes our handcrafted products even more valuable. It is the defining point of Buckles & Belts that sets us apart from the game, celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of every piece and offers you with a unique buying experience. We are proud to say we are the only dedicated buckles and belts concept store in the UAE. Originally from Switzerland with 11 stores worldwide, including Germany, Netherlands, France, Russia and now in the heart of Mercato Shopping Mall. It is an exciting time for us as we approach the countdown for our new website launch, creatively designed for you to explore the world of Buckles & Belts. Our open plan boutique, invites you in to choose from over 170 buckles and 80 belts, as wild or as understated as you feel to perfectly fit your style. A feast for the eyes and the senses, unveiling a dazzling collection of exotic leathers from across the globe, Swarovski crystals, silver buckles and many more Italian made goodies. Whatever inspires you, whatever the occasion, the vast array of interchangeable designs allow you to pick and choose accordingly for your style, every day of the week.
The process is simple. You walk in and decide upon a leather and buckle of your choice, you are measured, you are fitted and you walk out with a unique accessory, totally personalized to match your tastes.The exclusive double button fastening system, designed in house, allows you over 5,000 combinations to match your every fashion desire. A beautiful process marrying the art form of leather craftsmanship with quality Italian leather to create timeless and personal pieces that sets you apart from the crowd. Our leather collection doesn’t stop with belts either. We have an extensive range of leather bags, purses and an assortment of accessories for every stylish man and woman. We also stock Pratten, an Australian designer and sister duo that offer bright and sophisticated leather bags infusing unexpected twists of colour and playful designs to our store. To learn more about the incredible skill involved, and who we are, visit us at Mercato Mall, Level 1, Shop 19 or follow our social pages to watch our creative journey unfold.

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